Robot vacuum cleaner Viomi Alpha 2 Pro with emptying station

  • Robot vacuum cleaner Viomi Alpha 2 Pro with emptying station
  • Robot vacuum cleaner Viomi Alpha 2 Pro with emptying station
  • Robot vacuum cleaner Viomi Alpha 2 Pro with emptying station
  • Robot vacuum cleaner Viomi Alpha 2 Pro with emptying station
  • Robot vacuum cleaner Viomi Alpha 2 Pro with emptying station
  • Robot vacuum cleaner Viomi Alpha 2 Pro with emptying station
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The Viomi Alpha 2 Pro smart vacuum cleaner

The Viomi Alpha 2 Pro smart robot will thoroughly clean your home for you. Its dual Lidar laser navigation system makes it effortlessly find its way around any room and avoid obstacles. It can mop and vacuum floors at the same time and its suction power reaches 4000Pa. It will also automatically eject the trash from the tank thanks to the included emptying station. It also supports remote control via app or voice commands.


It will fit perfectly in your home

Thanks to its dual navigation system with 4 intelligent Lidar laser sensors, the robot accurately detects obstacles up to 70-90mm in front. It automatically avoids over 150 common appliances, furniture or objects such as slippers, pet bowls or dustbins. It also effectively avoids collisions with various objects. No more having to prepare rooms each time before cleaning!


Clean rooms thoroughly and map them

On the side of the device there is an advanced laser sensor that allows it to clean floors along walls and various objects with an accuracy of up to 1.5cm, also reaching hard-to-reach corners and without damaging furniture or scratching paint. What's more, the Alpha 2 Pro supports intelligent 360° scanning, allowing it to create accurate maps of the rooms it cleans and move freely in even the most complex environments. With the AI LDS algorithm, the robot can scan continuously within a range of 6m!


Self-haul garbage

Don't waste your time or energy emptying your robot's waste tank. Viomi Alpha 2 Pro will do it for you! The included station and Auto-Dumping 2.0 system allows for efficient cleaning and reduces the risk of secondary contamination. With a shortened 325mm air duct, emptying the tank only takes about 15 seconds! In addition, the triple filtration system with HEPA filter helps to block up to 95% of harmful particles.


Instantly disperses dust

Get rid of dust, crumbs, dander and other debris. The Viomi Alpha 2 Pro features a suction power of up to 4,000Pa, which means it handles dirt quickly and effectively. It is also perfect for vacuuming carpets. It detects them intelligently and automatically increases the suction power on them to thoroughly remove the dust hidden in their fibers. You can also customize the robot to your expectations by selecting one of the modes available in the app.


It will mop the floor for you

The Viomi Alpha 2 Pro will mop your floors for you. The robot's water tank is electronically controlled, which means that the mop pad will always be optimally moistened. This means it will thoroughly clean the indicated surfaces without creating water damage. Even the most stubborn stains can be tackled with ease! There are also different water flow levels to choose from.


Reliable also in large homes

The Viomi Alpha 2 Pro robot is perfect for both smaller apartments and large homes. With a durable 5200mAh battery, up to 200 minutes of run time and a large 320ml water tank, it can easily thoroughly clean up to 420m2 of floor space in one go. What's more, if the battery is close to running low during cleaning, the robot will automatically head to the station, recharge itself, and then return to work from where it left off.


Even more possibilities with the app

Install the dedicated app and take complete control of the robot. For example, you can use your smartphone to view saved floor maps and configure them. You will also create detailed cleaning schedules. A simple vacuuming of all rooms every other day? How about thoroughly mopping the floors every Thursday? The choice is yours! The app also allows you to control the robot remotely and select the operating modes. Now you can run the device even when you are not at home!


Voice control capability

Sitting comfortably on the couch and don't have your smartphone handy? No problem! You don't even have to move from your seat to operate the robot. The Alpha 2 Pro is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants. That means you can control it with simple commands! Give it the right command and watch it get down to business. The device can also make voice prompts.


In the box

  • Viomi Alpha 2 Pro vacuum cleaner
  • Emptying station
  • Dust / water tank 2in1
  • Main brush
  • Side brush
  • HEPA filter
  • Dust bag x3
  • Mop holder
  • Mop x2
  • Disposable mop x10
  • Cleaning tool
  • Main brush cover
  • HEPA filter for emptying station
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide




Vacum cleaner


Brand Viomi
Name Alpha 2 Pro
Weight 9.2kg
Battery capacity 5200mAh
Working time Up to 200 minutes (Quiet mode)
Suction power 4000Pa
OTA Updates Yes
Noise level About 68dB (Balanced mode)
Dust tank capacity 200ml
Water tank capacity 320ml
Dimensions About φ350x95mm
Rated power 55W
Rated voltage 14.4V
Wireless connection Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Working frequency 2400 - 2835MHz


Emptying station


Rated power 1050W
Rated input 220-240V~
Rated output 24V 1.5A
Rated frequency 50-60Hz
Dimensions 405x238x295mm



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