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Cutter Deli Tools EDL4260 (silver)

  • Cutter Deli Tools EDL4260 (silver)
  • Cutter Deli Tools EDL4260 (silver)
  • Cutter Deli Tools EDL4260 (silver)
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About brand

Deli is an international company founded in 1981, one of the largest manufacturers in Asia and a leader in the Asian market for tools, office supplies and furniture, sports products and much more. With its debut on the Polish market, Deli launches its offer of tools and power tools, which will be gradually expanded with new product lines. Choose Deli products and become a partner of one of the biggest production companies in the world.


Cutter Deli Tools EDL4260

Original, fully professional and functional knife with breakable blade by Deli. Made of high-quality materials. The ergonomic shape provides a firm grip and comfortable use, and a solid plastic button allows you to change the length of the blade.




Brand Deli
Product name Cutter Deli Tools EDL4260
Model EDL4260
Color silver
Width 19 mm
Length 153 mm
Weight 97 g
Material plastic (handle)



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