Case PGYTECH for Ryze Tello (P-WJ-002)

  • Case PGYTECH for Ryze Tello (P-WJ-002)
  • Case PGYTECH for Ryze Tello (P-WJ-002)
  • Case PGYTECH for Ryze Tello (P-WJ-002)
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Convenience and security

The PGYTECH branded case designed for the Tello drone is small, portable, yet very capacious. It will easily fit your drone, smartphone and many accessories. Its light weight and compact size make it easy to transport, while the materials used give it extreme durability and elegant style.




Practical 3-layer space

The case is divided into three practical compartments which provide space for the Tello drone, propeller guards, charging hub, batteries, USB cable, smartphone, tablet (up to 7.9") and memory cards. The roomy interior allows you to use every free space as you need it.




Customize your space

Take full advantage of the case's space by fitting exactly the equipment you need. You can be sure that the high quality materials used in the production of the case will provide adequate protection for your devices in all conditions.




Model P-WJ-002
Size 22.2x21.9cmx7.9cm
Material Nylon, EVA


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