Landing pad for drones PGYTECH 75cm (PGY-AC-308)

  • Landing pad for drones PGYTECH 75cm (PGY-AC-308)
  • Landing pad for drones PGYTECH 75cm (PGY-AC-308)
  • Landing pad for drones PGYTECH 75cm (PGY-AC-308)
  • Landing pad for drones PGYTECH 75cm (PGY-AC-308)
  • Landing pad for drones PGYTECH 75cm (PGY-AC-308)
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Universal landing mat for drones PGYTECH

The special mat by PGYTECH is a universal landing mat for drones. Resistant to changing weather conditions, 2-colored and durable - it will prove itself in any situation. When folded, it is extremely compact - you can conveniently transport it in the included carrying case and use it anywhere you want.




Choose the best color

Both sides of the mat are designed for landing. They also come in different colors - orange and blue. This is a very practical solution, so you can turn the product at any time in such a way that its color contrasts better with the ground. This way, you will make the landing of your drone go smoothly.




Even more convenient transportation

You will also find a special carrying case in the set. It is damage-resistant and comfortable to use. It is equipped with a robust nylon handle, which makes it even easier to carry. This practical case makes transporting your product even easier.




Adjusted to your drone

The diameter of the unfolded mat is 75cm, which makes it perfect for various types of drones. No matter what kind of drone you are using, this accessory will serve its purpose perfectly. The diameter of the folded mat is only 29cm, so the product can become extremely compact. Folding it is quick and easy. After the flight, you can easily prepare it for transport and save space in your luggage.




Reliable in every situation

The mat is made of high quality materials that ensure its durability even in difficult conditions. It is also waterproof. Even the sun will not harm it - the precisely made print does not fade too quickly. You do not have to worry that your mat will stop working after just a few uses - it will serve you well for a really long time.





Set include

Carrying case
Landing pad
3 x fixed nail
8 x reflective stripe



Model PGY-AC-308
Material Waterproof nylon
Net weight 535g
Landing pad diameter / when packed in the case 75cm/29cm


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