About Us


The INNPRO company was founded in 2013 under the name RCpro. It started its operations by distributing RC models and drones from the recreational category. Thanks to the dynamically developing modeling market in Poland, we quickly managed to build a distribution network and partner relationships that continue to this day. An important point in the development of the company was the introduction of the DJI brand together with their first DJI Phantom 1 drone model. At the moment our product range has already more than 5,000 indexes and is gradually expanded, currently, in addition to the category of drones and RC models, the offer includes products from the category : photo-video, smart home, audio, GSM, Gaming / IT and lifestyle.

Why work with us?


If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us by e-mail or phone. Contact details can be found in the "contact" tab


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